14 Dec

(With a little nod to C. Clement Moore)


 ‘Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through Jones Hall

Musicians were tuning – to bring to good cheer to all.

Two concerts upcoming filled with holiday song

Awaited the audiences, arriving ‘ere long.

First  — from Lake Wobegone – came that wry raconteur

Garrison Keillor, never, ever a bore.

He told of his lake, he sang holiday lim’ricks

He spoofed on the Lutherans – had ‘em in stitches.

In a baritone rumbling, resonant, clear

He offered stories and songs for this time of year.

Mendelssohn, Holst, even Cole Porter

Carols and gospel were also in order.

The Symphony played, led by Maestro Brunelle,

Finely coaxing their sound from sweet into swell

Keillor told of his aunt in Song of the Exiles

Tenderly, gently, evoking both tears and smiles.

In his trademark red shoes, and a Christmas-red tie

Keillor was perfect – he’s one witty guy.

And praise to our Symphony, swelling behind him

Adding verve and depth to all Keillor’s whims.

And then came a fav’rite – Very Merry Pops

As Cole Porter would say – that was the tops

Conducted by Krajewski, accompanied by chorus,

It felt like a holiday gift just for us!

There were Christmassy classics arranged a la Valse,

A Hanukkah suite – and other great touches.

Surprises galore as the evening progressed

Even dear Santa appeared as a guest.

The chorus they sang, they sang – and they sang

Their voices with joy, like bright bells rang.

They sang We Three Kings, they sang about Rudolph

They sang Here Comes Santa Claus – with never a note off.

Pianist William Joseph gave a performance fantastic

“Piano Fantasy,” “Christmas Medley” were climatic.

Over the keys, his fingers they flew

Coaxing sounds joyous, gentle, seasonal, true.

There were dancers, too, both Asian and modern

Enhancing Silent Night and wondering as wandering

These were Dance of Asian America and Revolve

Who added color to the music and brought the house down.

What more could there be to this holiday show?

Well, of course a sing-along – don’t you know.

We sang White Christmas, We sang Silver Bells

We lifted our voices all through the halls.

We sang about Rudolph, that red-nosed reindeer

“I don’t want it to end,” commented one reveler.

But end, it sure did, as all good things do

Leaving great joy behind it for me and for you.

But you’ve still got one chance to hear all this ruckus

December 23 on KUHF, if you wanta.

The concert’s at 8 – mark your date book with care

Lively voices and music await you there.

But better than that, go see the orchestra live

Messiah is coming, opening this Fri.

Celebrate the season, with symphonic delight

Happy holidays to all — and to all a good night.

William Joseph on piano


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