28 May

Here it is… the blog outreach of a media adventure aimed at giving the performing, visual and literary arts in Houston TX their due. Or at least as close to their due as we can manage. This is the interactive side of a free weekly email newsletter and a weekly radio show on 740 KTRH. The blog technology means we can talk to you faster than in any other format, and we can hear back from you faster too. We look forward to all your thoughts, your experiences, your ideas – all gathered around the general notion of the Houston arts scene. And in our little slice of the universe, anything that acts like art, feels like art or pretends to be art is fair game. Otherwise, we’d have to rely on the art police to decide. And we don’t think much of the art police.

I, John DeMers, publisher of the email magazine and host of the radio show, will attempt to lead the discussion. But I won’t mind if and when it gets away from me. Few things on this earth are more about free expression of the individual condition than art. We wouldn’t want to write about art in a way that is non-artistic or even anti-artistic, now would we?

Feel free, if you seek a slightly more formal statement of who we are and what we’re about, to check out the website You can even sign up there for your free weekly subscription. Still, a lot of our reviews will run first on this blog, and we want your comments about what we see, what we should see, and occasionally maybe how we’re not seeing the forest for the trees. I love forests, but I’m mighty fond of trees as well.

So let me hear from you via this blog, or by snail mail, or by carrier pigeon. Looking back through history, we see so clearly that the urge to communicate, to connect with others, has always been there. It’s somewhere buried in the beginnings of each song, each painting, each creation that is or aspires to be art. We want this blog, and all it represents, to belong to every single one of you. You can sign the ownership papers right here, right now. Got a pen?


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